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94.1-The Lounge is much like its name suggests, a place to just cool it for a minute while the rest of the world does it crazy thang. It’s the musical equivalent of an old fashioned speakeasy with shining brass and polished wood, where the bartender starts working on your drink before you even sit down. You spin around in your barstool as the first acts take the stage. American “Songbook” meets modern syncopation and style, Ella Fitzgerald and the Rat Pack meets Morphine and Pink Martini.


Everything moves so fast these days. Everyone’s so divided. Even your choice of music seems to determine who you are and what you believe. Not on 94.1-The Lounge. This is where everyone can come and just relax. It’s where everything’s jake and you can let it all slide off your shoulders.


"94.1 The Lounge is Humboldt's home of syncopation and style."



Larry Trask

Mon-Fri 12PM-6PM

Larry Trask is the The Lounge. Literally, he’s it. A one man show. When Larry isn’t working, he plays guitar, walks his dog and enjoys a cocktail or two or three. He also has a healthy appetite for the desert and gambling. Larry is also the most helpful person in the building. If you need it done, Larry is your man.

94.1 The Lounge features a cultivated mix of classic "American Songbook" standards as well as contemporary music that fits in with the classic vibe. Examples include classic material from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee mixed in with contemporary music from the likes of Club Des Belugas, Bebo Best, Nicola Conte, Koop, and others. The result is a highly-listenable, highly-melodic, and unique musical program that attracts an educated, affluent, and sophisticated listenership.

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