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The Lost Coast Outpost is Humboldt County’s home page. That’s Humboldt County, California.We endeavor to be Humboldt County’s particular corner of the Internet.  It means that the Outpost is the place people go to get information about what is happening in Humboldt County, or to talk about what is happening in Humboldt County.


Is it a news site?  Most of the time, probably.. We are very serious about correct and accurate reporting, and we are shamefaced when we get something wrong. We issue corrections when we err. We’re not satire, and we’re not out to fool people. We believe in objective facts. We try to find those facts. We don’t pretend things are facts when we know they are not facts.. Like your newspaper, it’s not all news. We have our equivalent of op-ed pages and sports pages and entertainment pages and cartoons.


Sometimes there is some sort of countywide emergency underway, and we drop everything to find out what is going on and get that to the public. That’s what you’d call “breaking news.” Other times we spend days or weeks to find out something interesting and perhaps alarming about a local branch of government, say, or a local company’s business practices. That’s what you’d call “investigative reporting” or “enterprise reporting.” Then other times we take a funny video of a dog leaning on a car horn in Old Town. If there’s a name for what kind of reporting that is, we don’t know it. But it doesn’t matter. It’s a thing about Humboldt County, and for Humboldt County. People like it.

We call ourselves “LoCO."  The Lost Coast Outpost, your home for local news.



The Wild Rivers Outpost is the homepage of the Wild Rivers region of northern California and southern Oregon. It is a project of Lost Coast Communications, and is the sister publication of Humboldt County's Lost Coast Outpost.

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