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In 1996, founders Cliff and Amy Berkowitz decided they’d had it with the over-corporatization of radio and the big city. Like so many of us, they wanted a life that was more about living and less about the rat race. So, they picked up stakes and moved to Humboldt.


Cliff had this crazy idea that in a place like Humboldt--a place where we don’t always (or often) hue to the rules--he and Amy could really build something special. They got some friends together from the community and built a radio station that for over 20 years has reflected the eclectic tastes and unique styles of our home in the big trees--in a way that isn’t always about making money but is consistently devoted to serving the people here. A station that plays whatever it feels like as long as it’s good.


So what is KHUM? A way of playing music that is free and unfettered. A beacon of education and information for and about our community. Freeform radio for a place that loves its freedoms.


Put simply, KHUM is the “Voice of Humboldt County”.




Mon-Fri 6AM-Noon

Midge is a Midwestern tumbleweed currently rooted in the redwoods of California.

Penny, her doghter (dog + daughter), takes after Midge in more ways than just looks. Both adore beach walks, the backyard, and both have a heightened interest in whatever anybody else is eating around them. But don’t be fooled, they have their differences. Penny despises a swap meet and dreads a garage sale, while her mother has never met an antique she wouldn’t ponder over endlessly and ultimately, buy.

Midge is committed to only a few things in life. The top of that list is generally populated with the best noodle houses and dumpling shops, but somewhere towards the top lies a commitment to quality music and radio. This, more often than not, means digging through dusty and oft overlooked files for the music left under the radar. The hidden treasures, the ones you find for a bargain but keep forever. These are the best bits.

It also means working hard at never swearing on air.

So far, so good.


Greta Stockwell

Mon-Fri Noon-6PM

Greta spent her formative years being indoctrinated with folk, classic rock, country, and classical music, until she discovered hip hop, soul, new wave, punk, metal and reggae. This may seem like a hot mess, and it is. Besides her love of, quite literally, all music, Greta loves all food. Except veal. No one should eat veal.

She holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in live production lighting, sound and technical direction and has toured the country putting on shows, but has had the most fun throwing shows in Humboldt County. You may have seen her pretending to be strange characters, or singing her heart out on numerous Humboldt County stages, in Utah or Off-Broadway.

She has taught at the university level, managed bands, designed lights for ballet and rock and roll, sold advertising and other things we probably shouldn't mention, and tended bar. Her free time is filled with more music, family, friends, animals, canoeing, surfing, biking, baking, cooking, reading and cracking tasteless jokes.

Greta has lived in Humboldt since 2003 and feels like she finally fits in somewhere. When a person is happy having way too many directions in life, DJing on KHUM is the best fit, where sharing music is the only way to enjoy each day.


Amy Berkowitz

Mondays 6-7PM

Tuesdays 6PM-12AM | 6-7PM | 9PM-12AM

Thursdays 6PM-12AM

Fridays 6-7PM | 10PM-12AM

Like so many people in Humboldt County, Amy has a number of jobs. In addition to being a radio DJ, she is also a licensed landscape architect, a mom, lecturer at HSU in journalism & mass communication, and a teacher of stained glass as an art form. She has been in and around radio since 1979 when she and her husband, Cliff (yes husband-wife duo), got together. Amy is the Co-founder of KHUM.

On Amy’s show, one can hear everything that makes KHUM the station that it is. Focusing on the core of the KHUM sound, she plays Folk, Pop, Soul, and Americana with just enough quirk to keep things interesting. Amy places a special emphasis on community wellbeing and always has an encouraging word for her listeners.


Chas Lewis

Fridays 7PM-10PM

has been on North Coast airwaves since 2001 and a part of KHUM for the last ten years.

Chas brings you the best in Blues, Soul, R&B, and as he puts it, “whatever it takes,” on The South Side each Friday night. With a superb knowledge of all things Bluesy, he educates and informs the listener as to the historical context and relevance of the music, creating a down home atmosphere and an engaging show.


Darren Weiss

Mondays 7PM-9PM

Darren Weiss loves mandolins, and tenor guitars, and the entire family of fretted instruments tuned to major fifths. Outside of the studio, Darren is a card-carrying registered Professional Engineer.

The Chicken Scratch Show is a showcase of Darren’s extensive collection of all things twangy. From Bluegrass and Appalachian music to Texas Swing and Honky Tonk jukebox tunes, his humorously and lovingly curated show is sure to teach you something new about traditional American music.



Wednesdays 7PM-9PM

Jay Collins, aka Goldylocks, is a Humboldt raised turntablist. With a large collection of vinyl spanning from rock n roll and blues to hip hop and soul, his goal is to please. "I'm deeply inspired by all the artists and natural beauty that surrounds me here in Humboldt" Jay has been DJing at community events, local taverns and parties for the past decade. Goldylocks brings hip hop, soul and jazz, live interviews and performances from local artists, authors and poets for 'Just Right.' Let your hair down and vibe out with Goldylocks Wednesday nights from 7-9p on KHUM.

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