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First, we want to say, that Humboldt Paws Cause is FREE! It is a community service we proudly provide. No one from our company will ever ask you for money. 


Humboldt Paws Cause is Humboldt County’s centralized and teched-out hub for a community cause that has always been dear to our hearts - reuniting lost pets with their human companions. Why would you want to be hooked into the Paws Cause? Because if your dog runs off, or your cat disappears, or - conversely - if someone's pet boa constrictor somehow finds its way into your bathtub, then you need help. You go to the Paws Cause, and you get all the help that can be humanly provided.

Here’s how it works. Fill out a simple lost pet report or found pet report, and all our radio stations – KHUM, KSLG, KWPT and KLGE – are notified. The details will be read out to our listeners at the very first opportunity. Your lost or found pet will be automatically added to our master map of all currently lost and found pets in the county.

So it’s pretty boss. What’s more – if you are a lover of animals, you can aid the cause by embedding the up-to-the-minute Paws Cause widget on your own website. The community will bless you for your efforts.

Humboldt Paws Cause. Reuniting animals and humans since 2012.

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