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Like the mighty Pacific Banana Slug from which we take our name, K-Slug slimes across the Humboldt airwaves… (Wait, that doesn’t sound very good. Slimes? Hmm.)


Like the mighty Pacific Banana Slug from which we take our name, K-Slug flows majestically over the Humboldt County airwaves bringing you the very best in new and indie rock n’ roll. (Yeah, “flows” that’s good.)

K-Slugs prides itself on curating the best new music first. If you want to stay on top of what’s trending now, you listen to der Slug. BUT we’re more than just music. We sling up-to-date news and information faster than a slug… Well, faster than a slug does pretty much anything because they’re, you know, super slow. Anyway, we’ll keep you up on everything important throughout the day from major national stuff to local traffic and weather.


You wanna know what K-Slug is? We’re the best new and indie music around. And like our beloved Humboldt County, we’re free spirited and looking to have fun while we get down.



Education: BA in Broadcast Journalism from Humboldt State University

Radio Experience: 7+ years broadcasting at multiple stations

Hobbies: Painting, digital photography, crafting and cameo jewelry collecting

Personality: Boisterous force of nature with a twist of lime

Mon-Fri 6AM-12PM

On Sabina's Morning Show, not only will you get new music but you’ll also be able to check out some back-in-the-day sounds with The Indie Throwback or some noice tracks on a feature called Under The Covers where artists test their talents and see if they can get a handle on songs by the likes of Bowie or The Beatles.

There’s something for everyone on her show and plenty for all of us on this indie music station. Dear world, we’re dancing, laughing and crying right along with you and wherever you may be, we’ll always be bringin’ the noise on KSLG!

Sabina Gallier

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Education: BA Broadcast Journalism from Humboldt State University

Radio Experience: 2 years

Hobbies: Golf, bowling, wood carving, antique hunting

Personality: Wordy, animal lover, hard worker

Fridays 7PM-9PM

Midge is currently attending HSU and is the GM for the student run station, KRFH. She is a woman of many hobbies with a soft spot for four-legged critters. She feels most comfortable in a dimly lit room, filled with sad music and aged whiskey. I take mine neat, preferably in a crystal rocks glass with a lot of history. 

Friday Night 90s with Midge is a safe-space to regale in nostalgia for a few hours a week. Her goal is to play the music you loved to hear then, with all the facts the internet can bring us now. She wants her show to feel the way it did back then to buy an album, sit on the floor with a friend and pour over every liner note and picture while listening together for the first time.

Midge Martin

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Education: Currently attending College of the Redwoods for a double major in Economics and Communications

Radio Experience: 5+ years of radio including high school at Widdifield Secondary School in Canada.

Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, performing in theatre, hiking, dog walks, cycling.

Personality: Easy going, energetic, and personable.

Mon-Fri 12PM-6PM

Andre is a child of the 90’s through and through and brings a fresh perspective to Humboldt from his homeland, Canada. He loves to chat and can talk to you about almost anything. When he is not preforming in one of local theater houses, he’s plating music or chilling with his canine friend.

Life is stressful enough, what with: work, school, more work, bills, and just the day to day grind of it all…

Join Ande every afternoon on the LaRock show, from noon ‘til six, for a much-needed break from the responsibilities of life. This is the time and place for us to share in the best of new bands, new songs, and new sounds - complete with a glimpse into some of the funny, shocking, and downright strange things going down on this crazy, spinning, water covered rock we call planet Earth. And don’t forget, from phone calls, to emails, to messages sent via social media - interacting with the KSLG nation is what we’re all about!

André LaRocque

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