KHUM Specialty Shows

At 4:20 PM, Monday-Friday, DJ Cam specifically observes the time and plays a cannabis themed song.

Carl is a dog. He has great taste in people. Let’s see how his music tastes run. Every weekday at 3pm, we let Carl choose a tune, and post an adorable photo of his choice, of course spreading sponsor thanks on Facebook and Instagram.

Local musician extraordinaire, Darren Weiss, brings you two hours of the best bluegrass, classic country, vintage rockabilly and western swing music. A popular show in a locally popular genre, Weiss' musical expertise knows no bounds.

DJ Lyndsey Battle reaches out to the experts from NOAA on Woodley Island to bring you an up-to-date forecast for conditions in and around Humboldt Bay. Tune in to Humboldt Baywatch to get information about our ocean, rivers and waterways, for the weekend ahead, to help you stay safe when you get out to play.

Just Right is a two-hour show that focuses on hip hop. Although, to better understand hip hop, one needs to explore its roots in soul, jazz, reggae and funk. And that’s exactly how DJ Goldylocks makes Hip Hop... Just Right.

DJ Cam tries to stump his callers with a guessing game regarding local people, places, and things every weekday at 5pm. To the winner of The Little Game goes not only the glory, but also a fabulous prize. This is destination listening in its purest form and always a learning experience.

Humboldt County is home to many creative, talented people and we like to keep it local around these parts. That's why KHUM showcases Humboldt talent during lunchtime every weekday for Local Lunch. Lyndsey treats listeners to a full set of local bands, past and present. Sometimes, live performances from local bands make Local Lunch extra tasty.

KHUM's flagship weekend program has a solid sense of time and place; your house on Sunday morning. Music teacher & performing songwriter Lyndsey Battle cultivates a mood unlike any other show in the county, one that encourages you to have that third cup of coffee while you read that long article you've been holding on to.

Designed to ease you back into the workweek with a smile on your face and your toes a tappin’, this feature celebrates all soul music from the Motown era. This is one of the most popular features on KHUM since inception in 1996, showcasing the best soul music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Motown Monday Morning is something to look forward to; the prefect start to the work week.

Over the years South Side has amassed a loyal audience with an appetite for Chas' one-of-a-kind mix of classic and contemporary Blues, Soul, and R&B. Chas takes pride in personalizing on-air mentions of sponsors in a way that matches the tone of the show. Off-air, Chas maintains a website for his program ( and uses social media to strengthen the connection with listeners and artists.

The EcoNews Report is now part of the KHUM line up! Each week heavy weights from local environmental groups discuss various topics that impact our local environment, economy and communities. This bunch likes to keep it lively as well as intelligent as toss they in just the right amount of fun and humor to keep it entertaining.



Specialty Shows


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