KWPT Specialty Shows

At approximately 4:20pm, Monday-Friday DJ Chuck Rogers observes the time playing music for your head space to get you through the afternoon.

Want to hear some deeper cuts from your favorite artists? Tune in every weekday for a showcase of live recordings and not often heard songs by your Artist of the Day. It’s a half hour of music from one featured artist.

Some things float, some things sink. It’s the same with music, there are those songs that rise to the top and become big hits while others fall short. This is the idea behind Flotsam and Jetsam, one well known song that charted followed by another song from the same artist that is equally as good, but somehow missed.

Carole Ann plays a cover version of a very well-known song every weekday at noon and the first listener to call in with the correct original artist is entered to win a CD from the Point Vault. Got You Covered has listeners tuning in all week at lunch time for a fun game that rewards knowledge and quick phone dialing skills.

It is thirty minutes before the official start of the weekend, Chuck Rogers wants you to have a Happy Half Hour. This show is all listener requested music and goes well with your beverage of choice as we welcome the end of the work week. Join Chuck for lots of requests and happiness.

The Last Musical Word is how The Point ends the day on a high note. At the end of each work day, Chuck Rogers will take a moment to create a last musical high note to round out the broadcast day. It can be a request, live version, a topical treat, or just a great song that sums up that day.

It is the end of the workday; your live and local classic rock station kicks off the evening with the best live music to be found in the history of rock & roll. Chuck Rogers is your guide as we travel thru time and space for Live at Five.

At the top of every hour, directly following our radio station’s legal ids, we will thank our show sponsors. This is a unique opportunity because your live thanks occur outside of the regular spot rotation. Think about it. Many folks are in their cars on the move, listening to the radio to get their next appointment at the top of the hour on any given work day.

Threefer Thursday is three songs by the same artist happening thrice on Thursdays. Yep, a triple shot three times on Thursdays.

All week listeners request songs that fit a specified theme. Carole plays an hour of songs created with everyone’s input on Friday mornings at 10am. This fun and engaging feature brings listeners back again and again.

Every Tuesday from 9am - 10am we rock a double shot of your favorite Point artists. Let’s face it, sometimes one is simply not enough.



Specialty Shows


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