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KSLG Specialty Shows

LaRock brings you a two-hour show dedicated to the best music of the 90’s. He invites listeners to tune in, rock out, and email suggestions & comments. LaRock strives to find the songs we all remember and the band we may have forgotten.

Some of us need an extra kick in the morning. That’s what Hot Quad is! A four shot set highlighting the best creative gems from an Indie act’s arsenal.

Now Boarding... Each weekday at noon KSLG visits an Indie band from outside of the United States, to discover the sounds and culture of the Indie music scene around the world. Stamp your passport and get ready to Rock Around the World!

A time to rest and take a moment to breathe, as Ben shares tips and a tune to promote the safety and wellbeing for the KSLG nation.

The KSLG DJs lead listeners through the Loco Lowdown from the Lost Coast Outpost. From our online local event/concert/community calendar, listeners will be informed of the latest happenings in our area.

This feature showcases popular tunes of various genres covered by indie/alternative rock musicians. Local favorite DJ, Sabina, presents this featured showcase daily on Sabina's Morning show.

This feature showcases a wildcard indie track from up & coming and well-known artists. The Wildcard Pick is highly interactive as listeners have a chance to share their thoughts of the song. Through call ins, comments, and votes, their input helps KSLG add new songs to the rotation.

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